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Will a CV be enough for an application? What do I need to apply? All applicants must complete the internship application form on the internship page. Interns are not entitled to apply or be appointed to the secretariat for a period of six months from the end of their internship. Can I do a part-time internship? The internship is only full-time. Below you will find several websites that list geneva-based organizations. Search and search for contacts to find a job or internship. When does my internship start? The dates are coordinated between trainees and facilitators. Are my studies taken into account by an internship? Check with your university/educational institution. What is the weekly workload of the UNDP internship? There are vacancies for part-time and full-time internships (40 hours per week). Can I postpone my internship to a later route? Only with the agreement of the services and superiors. It is possible to find a well-paid job or internship for the UN or other NGOs in Geneva. To get these jobs, it is useful to speak some French and/or another UN official language, although English is the main working language. An unpaid internship or contract date can help achieve the perfect position. How long does the UNDP internship last? The duration of the internship varies from at least 6 weeks to a maximum of 6 months.

In special cases, it can be extended up to nine months. Can I do a one-month internship? The minimum duration of an internship is two months and can be up to 6 months. What is the procedure for cancelling or refusing the internship offer? Selected candidates must inform the internship coordinator no later than two weeks after receipt of the written offer from the United Nations secretariat whether or not they accept the internship. Internship programme: www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/jobs/types-of-opportunities/internships.html P-level positions are generally offered as unpaid internships. Experience can be a great method to gain work experience, and potential contacts and references will be beautiful in a resume for future recruitment. As internships are not remunerated, students must pay the cost of living in Geneva for a maximum period of 4 months. For more information, see Life in Geneva. If you`re looking for a full-time job offer, remember that many organizations have a guideline requiring all interns to wait six months before applying for a job vacancy.

Look outside the organization where you`re doing an internship if you`re applying for a full-time job. Note: On the whole line, UN internships are not remunerated. Is there any information about accommodation options? Interns may find the following websites useful: www.thaiapartment.com, www.centrepoint.com and www.capehouse.com. The internship office does not have specific agreements/arrangements with the persons mentioned above. The internship office does not recommend or review specific accommodation offers. Once you`ve found the right person/person, send them a *brief* email that contains: who you are; that you want to do an internship with them based on what you know about their work; you understand that the internship is unpaid; a bit about your qualifications, degree or experience; and that you have submitted your official application to their staff office. I am a citizen of a non-UN country. Can I apply for an internship? Yes, you can also apply if you are a citizen of a non-UN country. How quickly can I be informed of the result of my application? It varies from case to case.

In most cases, selected candidates are notified approximately two months before the start of the internship. .



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