Spectrum Internet Service Level Agreement

I`ve had a spectrum of over 3 months and my bill has gone up by $20 for the same thing I don`t like with twc I don`t like the spectrum and they`ll lose a lot of customers in our latest analysis of the fastest Internet service providers in the U.S., Spectrum 14th place on total ISPs analyzed. It is therefore well below other cable Internet service providers such as RCN (6th place), Xfinity (7th) and Optimum (9th). Did Spectrum just beat your prices? Have you resigned from part of your service to save money? Well, good news! They will charge you the new mark-up rate on the next bill anyway and tell you that there is no way to refund your money! It`s not great! How in the world do you expect a return activity if you treat your customers in this way? Your start-up rates are good, but make no mistake. These will change after 12 months, since your "no contract" plan is really a 12-month advertising contract. These people are crooks. Don`t trust them! An OK check, but missing (to Spectrum`s reluctance to pass on information). I have been a client of TWC for years and I have never had many real complaints. TWC CS has always been helpful and polite. Since the merger, while always polite, not always useful (lack of training?). The article says you can negotiate with Spectrum. This is no longer true and not for a few years. In addition, package offers are not available to existing customers.

I only have 50Mbps Internet and standard cable I pay Spectrum top dollars for the service (3 interest rate increases last year)! As I didn`t have their phone service, I tried to get the 3 for 90 dollar package, and they wouldn`t, since I`m an existing customer. If I started the TV part of the service, I would end up paying 65 USD/MB. for 50 Mbps Internet (which offers only about 32 Mbps via Wi-Fi (343Mbpsmodem and 343Mbps router on all devices (newer at speeds faster than 32 Mbps). ATT is their only contest where I live and they are ridiculously IMO. Many neighbors were trapped when they put fibre optics in our neighbourhood and are now locked up for the duration of the two-year contracts they want to drop after two years. Spectrum knows that and that`s probably why they don`t negotiate. I`ve watched the different streaming packages and I have at least two problems. One, my wife loves to see the Hallmark Canal. Only 2 streaming packages offer – SlingTV with their "pay-extra" lifestyle and ATT owned by DirectTV Now.

With Sling, to get the few channels I see, there are a couple in the orange and a few others are in the blue. If you add up the cost of these packages and fees, I will immediately be back on the cost of what I pay now (within a few dollars). The second problem is that my wife is not a technical person. She likes to sit, take the remote, turn on the TV, then hit the channel number. Managing a roku is too complex for her. A list of programs trying to find out what they want to see is exaggerated — especially if they changed channels — they watch half a dozen channels and they know the numbers on the channel — right in place.



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